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Crafting visual stories for brands

Crafting visual stories for brands

Drawing from a decade of expertise in video and photography, our collaborative team is integral to every brainstorm, crafting the most innovative and distinctive ideas for our clients. Fueled by passion, we fearlessly bring our ideas to life, challenging the ordinary. If it seems impossible or sparks excitement, we know we’re on the right track.

We are pleased with the exceptional work delivered by Capture Creative on our recent project for the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. The team's meticulous planning during pre-production, seamless execution throughout production, and post-production skills resulted in a final product that surpassed our expectations. Capture Creative's professionalism, creativity, and commitment to meeting deadlines make them our go-to choice for future projects.

Hemangini PatelNSW Department of Communities and Justice

Our offerings

Specialising in stills and motion.


What's the expected turnaround time for my video?

We tailor our approach to each project, giving priority to those with specific deadlines. Typically, corporate video productions or commercials take 2 to 4 weeks on average. When it comes to social videos demanding a swifter turnaround, we are fully equipped to accommodate, offering even same-day delivery for fast campaigns.

Whats involved in the video production process?

While each project is unique, our process typically looks like this:

1. Strategy and Ideation: We develop a creative roadmap for your project, including elements such as scripts, shot-lists, interview prompts, and location research.

2. Pre-production: Once the creative aspects are finalised, our Producer takes charge. They schedule the shoot date(s), coordinate crew and equipment, manage casting (if applicable), and handle all organisational tasks to ensure a smooth shoot day.

3. Production (Shoot Day): The nature of shoot days varies based on the project type and scale. Whether it’s a small product shoot or a large-scale TV commercial, our shoots are always enjoyable.

4. Post-production (Editing): Our post-production team takes the reins. Following a detailed edit brief, they sift through hours of footage to uncover the cinematic gems, crafting a rough cut. We then share the first edit for your feedback.

5. Final Delivery: After incorporating your feedback and refining the video with elements like sound design, music licensing, and colour grading, we deliver the final product. The video is optimised in the requested formats and sent digitally for your convenience.

What's the cost of video production?

Our project costs span from $3K to $100K and beyond. Given the scalability of video production, we strategically assess where you can derive the utmost value from your video initiatives. Our process involves crunching the numbers to ensure optimal utilization of your budget, delivering the maximum impact.

Do you carry accreditations and insurance for your production services?

Certainly. We are pre-qualified under the SCM2701 Advertising and Digital Communications Services Scheme. Additionally, we maintain a $20 million public liability insurance. Moreover, our certification with a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) for UAV operations underscores our dedication to safety and professionalism in aerial photography and videography.

How do we get started?

Get things rolling by completing our Contact Form, shooting us an email, or giving us a call. We’ll guide you through the process. Providing a video brief upfront is beneficial—it gives us insights into your project goals, timelines, locations, desired outputs, and budget. Don’t worry if you don’t have a brief yet; we’ve crafted a straightforward project briefing questionnaire to assist you. This questionnaire covers all the essential questions for an accurate project quote. Alternatively, if you prefer a direct conversation, our team is ready to discuss your project details over the phone.

Still have questions?

We’re here to assist with any additional information you may need. Please send through an email to & our team will be in touch

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